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PURPOSE: To describe the normal anatomy of the finger flexor tendon pulley system, with anatomic correlation, and to define criteria to diagnose pulley abnormalities with different imaging modalities. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three groups of cadaveric fingers underwent computed tomography CT, magnetic resonance MR imaging, and ultrasonography US.. The normal anatomy of the. ii. Do NOT use your fingers to change the scalpel blade. Refer to the DVD for a demonstration of inserting and removing a scalpel blade. b. Angle tip probe. c. Hemostat forceps. d. Tissue forceps without teeth. e. Check with your anatomy instructor for other tools that may be used in your labo-ratory. These other tools include scissors and. Cross-sectional anatomy of the hand on MR imaging wrist, metacarpus, fingers.  Our Hand Trauma course is a highly interactive hands-on course that is structured to meet the needs of surgeons training in Plastic or Orthopaedic Surgery. Participants will learn the surgical. The opponens pollicis performs one of the most important functions of the human hand: the ability to bring the thumb away from the fingers so that we can grasp objects. It helps pull the thumb away from the index finger, while rotating it, so that the tip of the thumb is opposite, or “opposes,” the tips of the other fingers.

Pocket Anatomy now available on iPhone, iPad and iPad Air, so no matter if you're on the go or in your office you can always have access to your ultimate anatomy reference. Human Anatomy Index. A Abdominal cavity, Abdominal wall, Acetabulum, Air cells, Ampulla, Anatomical snuff box, Angle, Antitragus, Anus, Aorta, Aperture, Aponeurosis.

In the anatomy lab, “students were introduced simultaneously to the cadaver, death, nudity, and anonymity, and to both the obligation and prerogative to cut and explore the human body,” she. General Anatomy by Body Regions. Each of the following sets consists of a series of 10 questions with an accompanying anatomical image. Click on the check box and the answer will appear in the lower frame. NOTE THAT THE IMAGES ARE ORIENTED IN RADIOLOGIC VIEW YOUR RIGHT IS. Head and Neck Thorax Abdomen Pelvis and Perineum Back Osteology Upper Extremity Lower Extremity Lower Extremity. Dupuytren disease affects some structures in the hand which are so small they don’t appear in CT, MRI, or even most anatomy books. Everything is connected, which means that even in surgery, you can’t see some of the structures until you have already cut through them. Because of this, Dupuytren anatomy is usually shown in diagrams such as these. 17/08/2014 · I shouldn’t be hungry as I cut into a cadaver, but I am none the less. Actually, I take that back. The worst part about anatomy lab is that the smell follows you everywhere. Half an hour later I’ll be eating a sandwich–because, you know, I’ve been starving for the last hour of lab–and I can smell the formaldehyde on my fingers. Yummy.

This study describes the anatomy of the dorsal cutaneous vascular system of 180 digits 36 thumbs, index, middle, ring, and little fingers from 18 pairs of fresh human cadaver hands. The aim of this paper is to incorporate the anatomic data into the current way of designing the homodigital adipofascial turnover flap for cutaneous coverage of. The ring finger slip inserted in the extensor hood with the EDC. The EDC had a separate tendon to the little finger extensor hood. The EDM had an additional pulley distal to the extensor retinaculum. The MP joints of the little and ring fingers extended simultaneously upon pulling the EDM or the EDC. The third slip of the EDM could provide an extra donor site and possibly poses a unique clinical presentation. Finally, take the following last quiz, which was created in order to test your knowledge in hand anatomy. It specifically focuses on bones, muscles including attachments, innervation, functions, arteries, veins, and nerves. Tackle it to cement and master the anatomy of the hand and wrist! At Harvard, students begin with virtual anatomy, but that learning is only a prelude to the lab. They put their first IV in a cadaver, a patient who will not hurt. They practice appendectomies. This module presents the anatomy of the whole human body based on cross-sectional photographs of a male cadaver. 1300 anatomical structures have been labeled on 463 photographs of axial cross-sections. This atlas is based on the Visible Human Project ran by the U.S. National Library of Medicine NLM under the direction of Michael J. Ackerman.

Hypothenar Muscles. The hypothenar muscles produce the hypothenar eminence – a muscular protrusion on the medial side of the palm, at the base of the little finger. These muscles are similar to the thenar muscles in both name and organisation. The ulnar nerve innervates the muscles of the hypothenar eminence. Opponens Digiti Minimi. Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: APA. Anderton, Kate. 2018, August 23. The Truth Behind Donating Your Body to a Medical School.

Anatomy of the finger flexor tendon sheath and pulley system. AU Doyle JR SO J Hand Surg Am. 1988;134:473. Additions and changes in the description of the anatomy of the finger flexor sheath and pulleys that I published in 1974 and 1975 have prompted me to restudy this system. Sixty-one fresh human cadaver fingers were dissected using the. The arterial supply to the hand is comprised of a complex vascular network formed from the branches and distal continuations of the radial and ulnar arteries.This rich vascular network can be divided into palmar and dorsal components. Palmar arterial supply. The palmar arterial supply can be divided into superficial and deep components.

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